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Batmine (BATM) – Green Crypto Mining Platform

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BatMine Overview

BatMine will open a professionally built and operated crypto mining center in the European Union with the fastest hash power and lowest electricity rates available. This jurisdiction was chosen for its safe environment, an abundance of low cost green energy, and excellent taxation.

The mines will operate, depending on how much we raise, up to 10,000 miners. The miners will be housed in environmentally and economically optimized locations with climate control. For energy we will pay in average 4 cents per KwH, and our miners reach a hash power of up to 55 Th/s. If by the time of the end of the ICO there is equipment with a higher hash power and/or better electricity ratio we will of course buy those. BatMine has chosen to use the Silent Partnership legal framework resulting in contractually guaranteed fixed 30% profit sharing rights for ICO investors for a period of 10 years.

BatMine is more than just another crypto mine. It is Blockchain Applied Technology at its best, crafted to an art by skilled Cyber artisans and Blockchain professionals.

BatMine combines cheap green energy with the latest newly developed miners using up to 55 TH/s, and contractually guaranteed profit sharing of 30% / 10 years.

BatMine aims to become the most profitable crypto mine in existence. BatMine combine safe, predominantly European locations, an excellent team, low cost, mostly green energy, unrivalled hash power of up to 55 TH/s and miners with the best cost/performance ratio. BatMine’s ecosystem optimize switching between the currencies mined to maximize the yield of the BatMine for all stakeholders.

Token Information

BATM is the symbol for the BatMine token, this is an utility token which was made on the ethereum blockchain which will be used as the standard strategy for portion for organizations rendered on the platform.

  • Token: BATM
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • PreICO price: 1 BATM = 0.001333 ETH
  • Price in ICO: 1 BATM = 0.001333 ETH

Investment info

  • Min. investment: 1 ETH
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Distributed in ICO: 40%
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 EUR
  • Hard cap: 19,000,000 EUR

BatMine Token Allocation

BatMine Token Allocation
BatMine Token Allocation

In total 70% of the tokens are sold. We reserve 15% of the tokens. For Bounty, Airdrop and Advisors we reserve 10% of tokens, although we expect to burn most of them; this is only an estimate of tokens we may need for this purpose. The team is rewarded for their hard work over the last 1.5 years with 5% of the tokens.

BatMine Funds Allocation

BatMine Funds Allocation
BatMine Funds Allocation

Construction and mining include: building and maintenance of the co-location including ventilation and fire installations, miner equipment, office setup, technical back office setup, and the cost for the first year of operation of electricity, nominal salaries for the mine operators, spare parts, travel expenses, sales office expenses and related costs. RD includes: any and all activities needed to develop, co-develop and produce our own chips and miners. Marketing includes: any marketing and PR related costs to promote the project and gain customers. Operations include: any costs not covered by the above.

BatMine Profit Allocation

BatMine Profit Allocation
BatMine Profit Allocation

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