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Börser Overview

Börser is a cryptocurrency backed by shares of Börser S.A, Börser’s holding company which offers you the exciting opportunity to take part in three different projects. Borser S.A holds shares of three companies – Mi Wall Street, which specialises in providing high quality financial services previously reserved for major corporations, to the small investor, CrowdingFunds, a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for investors all over the world, and X-Change, which enables clients to seamlessly transfer Börser’s cryptocurrency into fiat currency for a very low fee.

Why Choose Börser?

Börser has developed an integral solution to real-life problems faced by companies, especially startups. In order to get ahead of competition and to have a clear advantage, Börser have incorporated blockchain technology, alongside scalability as part of it’s core foundation.

Börser’s solution, called CrowdingFunds, will give worldwide startups access to the working capital they need – regardless of their industry and what stage their company is in.

The unique selling points of the Borser platform include the following:

Diversified Investment

Besides the financial returns that accompany a partnership with the Börser platform, it is great to experience the feeling of having investments in different sectors of the economy as can be obtained with the Börser platform. The Börser platform makes it possible for investors to reach out to a wide population of individuals through the businesses that work with the Börser platform, even while the investor is yet to visit the country where his investment is located.

Source of Income

Investing in the Börser platform provides an invaluable opportunity to get rewarded after every successful business deal. As a partner with the Börser platform, it becomes easy for an individual to experience the benefit of passive income. Experts oversee the management of the funds received from investors, which enables investors to have a more reliable source of passive income and the ability to concentrate on another engaging tasks.


Börser’s platform is more secure, reliable, and scalable than ever. Blockchain is renowned for offering top-notch security features, making it possible for individuals to experience the best form of financial security. The secured nature of blockchain technology makes it possible for investors to have little or no worry regarding their financial details. Investors can always remain anonymous and be free from prying eyes.

Easy payment

The use of digital currency makes it possible for anyone to carry out transactions on the Börser platform with ease without bothering about the challenges that accompany the use of fiat currency. Also, the listing on different exchanges will make it possible for users to obtain the Börser coin at their convenience and easily transact with it.

Reasons Why It’s Worth Investing in Börser

  • Speed, security, transparency: enjoy faster blockchain transactions and unmatched security. Thаnkѕ tо Börser’s cutting-edge technology and pool of experts.
  • Börser offer the vеrу fіrѕt cryptocurrency backed uр bу shares оf а holding company.
  • Börser іѕ thе fіrѕt holding company tо create іtѕ оwn proprietary cryptocurrency.
  • In а booming cryptocurrency market, Börser hаѕ traction and momentum thаnkѕ tо thе one-of-a-kind product thаt wе hаvе designed: аn innovative, integrative solution consisting of shares of thrее companies.
  • Thе three companies under Börser umbrella provide comprehensive solutions fоr start-ups, financial markets, traders and еvеrуthіng іn between, аѕ wеll аѕ low-fee currency exchange services. Because оf that, Börser can solve thе issues shared bу mоѕt cryptocurrencies, including speed аnd security, іn addition tо offering low-cost remittance services.
  • Börser’s model іѕ highly scalable іn а market worth оvеr $1 trillion.
  • Börser rely on а world-class advisory board аnd professional team wіth expertise іn cryptocurrency, financial markets, venture capitals, аnd exchanges.

Token Allocation

Boser Token Allocation
Börser’s Token Allocation

Borser’s Roadmap

Börser’s Roadmap
Börser’s Roadmap

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