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Bountyhub – Full Automated Marketing Platform


Bountyhub Overview

Bountyhub is the smartest Automated Marketing Platform that connects Influencers and Bounty Hunters with Companies who want to boost their Social Media Activities and get simply tasks done by the community.

Bountyhub automated process helps connect Influencers and Bounty Hunters with Companies, this in turn improves brand visibility and manage automated lifecycle digital marketing campaigns through a single dashboard.

Advantages of Using Bountyhub Platform

Below are some of the advantages of using the Bountyhub Automated Marketing platform.

Automatic Tracking and Validation of Tasks

To reward Influencers and Bounty Hunters effectively, Bountyhub offers automated tracking and validation mechanism across all social media platforms which tell the Bounty host which users have completed the task. In the same vein, it also safe time, improves efficiency and reduced error magine for Influencers and Bounty Hunters.

By connecting your social media accounts on Bountyhub’s Account & Setting tab, Bountyhub social media algorithms automatically take care of all the tracking and validation of tasks performed by Influencers and Bounty Hunters from the Bounty List.


  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Once signed in, next is to link all available social media accounts. Click on Account & Setting.
  3. Now connect your social Networks. Clicking on each social media icons to link your Account.

Bountyhub Account Setting

Bountyhub Social Network Links

The good thing is you even earn BHT tokens by completing these simple task.

Fast Payout

Bountyhub offers a fast, efficient and secured payout system. Influencers and Bounty Hunters get paid instantly after the verification of task.

Why wait? Be a part of Bounty Management platform that truely rewards her community.

Bountyhub Verification payment


  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Click on Balance.
  3. Add your wallet address.
  4. Click on Withdraw requests.

No Reports and Spreadsheets

Bountyhub robust report tracking system and real-time dashboard and report tools has help curb the hassle of reports and spreadsheets.

Whilst spreadsheets are powerful, easy to use and flexible, they also have great weaknesses. Below are most common downfalls of using business critical spreadsheets:

    • Data maintenance problems.
    • Non-real time information.
    • Frustration and lost time.
    • Multi-user issues.
    • No scalability.
    • Inflexibility.
    • Accuracy is difficult.
    • It’s ugly and boring.

Bountyhub has addressed Influencers, Bounty Hunters and Brands needs by building a scalable, secure, central, and trackable platform. Bountyhub has provided the right tool for Crypto Airdrop. Simple register on Bountyhub’s Bounty Management Platform to explore it!

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