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How To Avoid Getting Suspended On Twitter When Performing Twitter Bounties

How To Avoid Getting Suspended On Twitter

How to Avoid Getting Your Account Suspended on Twitter β€” Twitter has changed a lot. You should go through their TOS which most people ignore. To be honest, they don’t have many rules to follow and if you do it straight, you will never have to suffer the consequences.

Avoid Spamming:

Okay… The first and foremost thing twitter guys check on your profile is whether you are using your account to spam the stream. When I say “check on your profile” doesn’t mean they look into your privacy. They will get notified if there is an different activity relating to spam. Well, it happens all the time when we use gain free followers tools that are available millions a day. Gaining followers is a vital thing considering Twitter, but you can gain followers by other means manually or by marketing you profile. Most of the free followers gaining tools send tweets with their links automatically even when you are not online. Don’t make Twitter guys see you as a spammer.

Avoid Aggressive Following:

Like I said, while using those third party followers gaining tools they get you hundreds of followers a day. The current technical limits for accounts are: Direct Messages (daily): The limit is 1,000 messages sent per day. Tweets: 2,400 per day. If you mass follow, you will be banned. I would not suggest you to use any random tools to increase your followers. There are some that really work but again, if you go against the TOS, even the tools are useless. It is not the machine, it is the user who does thing and faces the consequences. I strongly suggest that you choose couple of people who are in your niche and follow them. Limit your following to 50-100 per day if you want to be on the safe side.

Avoid Aggressive Unfollowing:

The same applies to unfollowing too. You can unfollow a certain number of users a day. More than the limit resulting in suspension of your account. It is said in Twitter that you can follow as many users only if you are visiting their profile and then click the unfollow. It may take much time to visit the particular profile and unfollow it. So, try not to unfollow too many a day. Use some tools that allow only a limit (mostly all free tools have limit for both follows and unfollows). Note that you should not use all of them a day. It leads to aggressive behavior.

Getting Blocked by Too Many Users:

There is also a chance of getting suspended when you are getting blocked by many users. Try and avoid little fights with your tweepers. Be user-friendly and interactive. Mostly try to never mind anything so serious on Twitter. It will help you avoid getting blocked as well as suspended. Most of the times, people will block you because when they receive spam DM’s from you. But you have no idea when and why you sent them a spam DM. It’s because of the third party tools you are using that are not authorized.

Avoid Duplicated Contents:

Twitter suspends you for duplicating the tweet contents. That is you cannot tweet a content more than one time. You may have seen when you try to tweet something and it shows an error message “Whoops!! You already tweeted that!”. You can tweet it differently meaning the same content. Avoid duplicating contents on your Twitter Stream to stay out of suspension.

Careful with @ Mentions:

Mentions should be used properly in Twitter. It provides you the facility that you can tweet any person with the @ mention even though they are not following you or vice versa. But when you use the mention in most cases and you’re not responded (unresponded mention) , then it is considered as spam. There is a chance of you getting suspended for reckless mentions all the time. Moreover, the person who you have mentioned may even block you leading to the suspension of your account. So if you want to mention someone, its okay. Use polite words to attract them so that even if they don’t likely to reply you, won’t block you.
Massive following is not the only reason that can get your account suspended but it is the most valid reason. There is no point following random people, instead focus on targeted followers. There are several more causes such as Spamming, attacking an individual verbally etc that can also lead your account to get banned.

Avoid Using Offensive Language Tweets on Twitter:

Accounts are getting suspended so it would be best if you change your icons into your own pics to avoid being labelled by twitter as a bot.


Behave wisely to stay out of trouble. Once suspended, it’ll be like a real irritating moment for anyone. You have to wait for some time to request a ticket and also it’ll become 2 days at normal cases. If you try to follow the above mentioned tips, you’ll never get suspended again.

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