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MinedBlock (MBTX Token): Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Mining


MinedBlock Overview

MinedBlock offers the opportunity for investors to take advantage of using the resources from a large-scale mining operation without the need to buy, configure and maintain expensive mining equipment.

MinedBlock provides mining service that offers miners the chance to mine cryptocurrency without the need of purchasing and acquiring complex, sophisticated and expensive mining equipments.

The organization’s unique approach to mining activity gives investors a fully secured and compliant token granting you a share of ownership of the holding company behind the service and not just a ‘random utility token’.

Why MinedBlock?

Mining is a fundamental part of the blockchain for any crypto assets that aren’t pre-mined.

Miners host the network and form the basis of the decentralisation model of the Cryptocurrency arena but we are getting to a point where large amounts of hash power, the key ingredient to solving blocks, is becoming centralised which is making it increasingly difficulty for individuals to get involved with mining due to the financial investment required to mine competitively There are other solutions out there such as cloud mining services, but they aren’t transparent or cost effective and MinedBlock intends to change that.

MinedBlock Feature Comparison
MinedBlock Feature Comparison

MinedBlock will create a dedicated mining facility which focuses on mining multiple coins from within the top 50 by market cap to ensure a diverse range of revenue streams for customers to benefit from.

MBTX Token

The utility token, MBTX, will be sold during the ICO to launch the MinedBlock service. This token will act as the key for accessing and paying for MinedBlock services. However, the team was keen to not that they don many any guarantee or promise on the future price potential of this non-mintable ERC-20 token.

Mining Strategy

MinedBlock will constantly keep track of mining activities and switch between altcoins when the success rate and difficulty fluctuate. The eventual goal will be maintaining the utmost efficiency during their operations to increase profits and minimize resource wastage. The firm will also determine whether using existing mining pools or relying on its own hash rate will produce the best output.

Regarding hardware, Mineblock will deploy a mix of customized GPU mining units along with ASIC rigs. All mining hardware will be replaced and resold frequently while using different ASIC suppliers to avoid any centralization and also to enhance the diversity of clients.

MinedBlock ICO Details

  • Token: MBTX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total token supply: 400 million
  • Accepted currencies: BCH, LTC, USD, ETH, and BTC
  • Minimum investment: $300

Distribution of MinedBlock ICO Funding

  • Mining equipment; 80%
  • Datacenter build: 10%
  • Reserve: 10%

Token Distribution

  • Referral bounty: 1.5 million
  • Free airdrops: 5 million
  • Retained tokens for future company incentives: 13.5 million
  • Founders: 15 million
  • Public sale: 365 million

Revenue distribution

  • Distributed to MBTX holders: 75%
  • Expansion costs: 10%
  • Operational expenses: 10%
  • MBTX buyback: 5%

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