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Stellar Gold Secure Blockchain Platform

Stellar Gold

Stellar Gold Overview

Stellar Gold is a platform for the future of conversion of crypto to fiat easily. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system. At the end, Our aims to convert the crypto currencies without any conversion cost like no deposit and withdrawal. Easy integration of cryptocurrency payments and even a digital arbitration system will be included. Ultimately, Our aim is to convert crypto currencies like no deposit and withdrawal without any conversion costs.

Stellar Gold is a unique platform that uses blockchain technology to provide innovative, secure, transparent and encrypted payment integration that makes encryption currencies easy and useless for agents or third parties. At low cost, users of star gold platforms can convert cryptographic currencies to fiat.

Stellar Gold Mission
Move Money Across Borders Quickly and Conversion of Crypto into Any International Fiat.

Stellargold (“XLMGOLD”) is an advanced solution that allows users to access a variety of platforms and mining sites with simple, safer and faster transactions. It is an ERC 20 token that can be stored in any of the ethereum wallets such as mist, metamask, myetherwallet, wallet blockchain, etc. Stellargold provides users with the world’s fastest money transaction, yet with the lowest (platform-based) fee absolutely safe. Stellargold can be used to pay for various crypto-miners that are considered legit. It makes a distinctive factor between genuine sites of mining and fake ones of mining.

Lobstr Wallet

XLMG Tokens will be stored securely in The Lobstr Wallet and you can withdraw, transfer, trade them from that point on without much of a stretch. LOBSTR is an amazing way to start with Stellar. Simple, smooth and secure, it has everything you need to handle your Lumens shrewdly.

Features of Stellar Gold

  • Fast Transaction: The fastest transactions ever made on the Blockchain occur over the Stellar Network. Take just 2 to 5 seconds and your payment will be in your wallet of Lobstr. A system transaction consists of at least one task. Installments, offers, payments and charges are tasks that could constitute a single transaction in the entire instance.
  • No Transaction Fees: Every coin requires some transaction fees to transfer them from wallet to wallet, even transferring Bitcoin and Ethereum from wallet to wallet costs some money, but Stellar Gold does not change any kind of fees. Transaction from one point to the next does not cost anything.
  • Security: Stellar Gold tokens are stored in the Lobstr Wallet. With 2FA and multisig protection, LOBSTR provides highly secure storage for your Lumens and other digital assets.
  • Worldwide Transactions: It has never been excessively simple to move cash across countries across fringes quickly, reliably, and for fractions of a penny. Now we can associate banks with Stellar Gold, making instalments and trusting people around the world without agonizing over double spending issues. With Stellar Gold you can transfer with just one touch any amount of money from one country to another.
  • Scalability: Servers running the Stellar Core programming are involved in the conveyed Stellar framework. Different individuals and substances keep these servers up. Stellar Core keeps a close copy of the framework record, conferring on the framework with various instances of Stellar Core and staying in a condition of friendliness.
  • Track Prices: Stellar Gold is listed in the market cap. This allows you to track the price of your coin and setup alarm that will notify you if a price change takes place.
Stellar Gold Secure Blockchain Platform
Stellar Gold Secure Blockchain Platform

Token Info

  • Ticker: XLMG
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC20

Token Allocation
All token allocations are in the images below.

1 XLMG = $0.024$
BONUS 10-25%

1 XLMG = $0.1
BONUS 5-30%

1 XLMG = $0.1
BONUS 5-30%

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