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TOR-X Network Ecosystem for Decentralized Cross-chain Exchange

TOR-X Network

TOR-X Network Overview

TOR-X Network is a robust solution that consists of new blockchain that is built for decentralized exchange so as to reduce user’s risks and provide solution for cross-chain exchange.

TOR-X aims to build an ecosystem of web-based decentralized applications (dApps) running across public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These decentralized applications would be provided with tools to interact with, make and validate transactions and send data and funds across chains. To achieve this vision TOR-X is developing the first cross-chain engine and API that will be seamlessly integratable with most of existing solutions such as wallets, browser extensions and payment gateways. Web applications can use this API to collect payments for goods in any digital currency, make trades and transactions across blockchains, and interact with smart contracts across blockchains.

TOR-X Network Blockchain

The TOR-X ecosystem will utilize best practices and approaches of blockchain industry that were achieved to date.

By building the TOR-X Network, the TOR-X project is solving the following problems:

  • Create a tool for seamless cross-chain exchange with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Eos and other blockchains.
  • Reach 100,000 TPS network speed to satisfy growing market requirements.
  • Anonymous and traceable transactions for various business applications.
  • Node and super node title redistribution controlled by Multi-Criteria Decision Making Neural Network.

TOR-X Business Scope:

TOR-X Network will meet the requirements of most blockchain ecosystem participants, the include:

Developers will enjoy clear and self-describing object-oriented programming language and iDAPP developer bounty program.

Organizations and Customers
Organizations will be able to use single payment gateway to accept payments in any cryptocurrency exchangeable via TOR-X DEX, issue their tokens for the purposes of crowdfunding, loyalty programs and in-app mechanics.

Traders will be provided with a secure low latency decentralized exchange engine with access to global liquidity.

TOR-X Network Supports The Following Blockchains

TOR-X Network - Supported Blockchains

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Neo
  • Eos

TOR-X Network Airdrop and Bounty Campaign

TOR-X Network is giving away thousands of TOR-X tokens to their community members. Signup for this opportunity of a lifetime.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide To Get Your TOR-X Tokens:

  1. Visit the TOR-X website.
  2. Register with your details and verify your mail (+100 TOR-X).
  3. Chat with this Telegram bot and pass your KYC.
  4. Join TOR-X Telegram Group (+40 TOR-X) and Channel (+40 TOR-X).
  5. Follow TOR-X on Twitter. (+40 TOR-X)
  6. Subscribe TOR-X on Reddit. (+40 TOR-X)
  7. Follow TOR-X on Medium. (+40 TOR-X)
  8. Similarly, complete other tasks and earn more TOR-X tokens.
  9. You will receive up to 450 TOR-X tokens.
  10. Also, earn extra TOR-X tokens for per referral.

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