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Worldopo: Earn Crypto While Playing AR Game


Worldopo Mobile Game Overview

Worldopo is a crypto economical strategy game in the real world based on blockchain, Augmented Reality and Geopositioning. It is a building simulator set on a real world map where every player can buy or rent a piece of land, start raising in-game structures and mining farms around the world so as they may build up their capital. The game encourages an economic stimulus and encompasses gameplay through the implementation of its own
cryptocurrency WPT, which players may mine within the game.

The use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Geolocation makes it possible to actually “see” one’s in-game progress and interact with other players in real life. The introduction of a dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes positioning of large objects more precise than ever before.

Worldopo is a true revolution in mobile gaming, easy accessible and yet complex like the real life itself. The best part is: the game has already completed the development of its game engine and major features.

Worldopo gives the players a platform to build, own and trade property, all securely stored in blockchain. The innovative new approach is the use of it’s own cryptocurrency, the WPT as the base of the economic simulation. This gives the game a layer of realism never seen before, because people can earn real money when playing. The addition of AR makes it possible to actually see your empire grow before your eyes.

Worldopo Bounty on Bountyhub

Sign up to Worldopo Bounty on Bountyhub and perform simple social task to earn WPT tokens. Here are the advantages of the current Worldopo Bounty campaign​​.

Fixed rewards

Worldopo Bounty campaign​​ offers fixed rewards. Rack up points by performing various social media tasks and redeem your token online! Visit Worldopo Bounty on Bountyhub to learn more.

Automatic tracking and validation of tasks-Fast payout

Worldopo Bounty on Bountyhub offers an automatic tracking and validation of task and very fast payout system as opposed to manual spreadsheet.

By connecting your social media accounts on Bountyhub’s platform, Bountyhub social media algorithms automatically take care of all the tracking and validation of tasks performed by Worldopo Bounty Hunters.

No reports and spreadsheets

Worldopo Bounty on Bountyhub provides hassle free reports and spreadsheets for members. Bountyhub robust report tracking system and real-time dashboard and report tools has help curb the hassle of reports and spreadsheets.

Ability to immediately transfer tokens in-game and multiply them-With this token Sale-model exchanges scheduled even before the end of ICO.

Worldopo allow gamers to transfer their tokens in-game and multiply them-With this token Sale-model exchanges scheduled even before the end of ICO

The blockchain technology was chosen as the basis of the Worldopo economic system as it allows for transparency in all in-game transactions, as well, will provide users with an extra level of security.

How To Play Worldopo?
Worldopo users are divided into two categories: cryptolords and makers. The main resource of cryptolords is hexagons. Cryptolord buys hexagons with WPT tokens. Then they continue to develop hexagons or possibly transfer it to makers. Thus, cryptolords create powerful infrastructure (farms) that makes profit. Makers find cryptolords and rent a hexagon from them, on which they can begin to raise structures. After setting their real estate, makers will be able to produce and collect the necessary resources for further infrastructure development. All resources can be collected using the AR-engine, as well as using unmanned drones inside the game.

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